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Custom Cycling Clothing Fabric

The increase demand of technical fabrics in the cycling racing and training leads us to search for specific fabrics with soft and pleasant touch to combine performance and comfort. Most jerseys are made of some sort of synthetic fabric that's designed to quickly carry sweat away from your skin so it can evaporate from the outside of the jersey. Shaping fabrics with pleasant hand feel and high compression for all day fitting in the main body. Lightweight, antibacterial, wicking properties, breathable fabrics under arm pit for better ventilation. High quality and performance fabrics made to meet your needs.

Every year, we would introduce the latest technology fabric for the custom cycling clothing service. In 2015, we have adapted the anti-uv Italy MITI fabric as our highest level cycling jersey fabric which is only 110G/M2, super breathable and comfortable.

The difference between Eb1 and Italy soft elastic:
EB1: A compound fabric of Jacquard mesh and Jacquard Lycra. Stylish surface.
Italy soft elastic: fabric added with silica workmanship, great anti-skidding performance, good elastic.


M.I.T.I fabric is believed the best performance fabric with high technology for Pro riders. 2015, Monton has introduced this fabric in our PRO Plus series to give you the maximum support. 100% POLYESTER, known as the most lightweight, breathable and quick-dry fabric for the pros. With excellent UV protection, odor and bacterial resistant features, it would be your optimal summer choice.

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DeanDot fabric is created to be extremely breathable, soft and comfortable. Excellent stretch to fit the body lines. It has a cooling function, and give antibacterial as well as the deodorizing effects.

1. The bacteriostatic rate against Staphylococcus aureus reaches 99.99% with the help of Bamboo charcoal fiber.
2. Cool sensation injection: You can feel the coolness after sweating. Active ingredients, embedded in a unique multi-layer micelle structure, could be triggered through humidity. The cooling effect would become gradually weaker with the increase of washing times.

cycling jersey material
cycling clothing material
cycling jersey material

Fabric Name Composition Gram Weight
Dot Lycra Polyamide:82%+Spandex:18% 190g/m2
Polyester dull polished Lycra Polyester:79%+Spandex:21% 175g/m2
Nylon dull polished Lycra Polyamide:79%+Spandex:21% 175g/m2
Italy Miti FLUORITE Polyester:81%+Spandex:17%+Carbon fiber:2% 180g/m2
DRAGON FLY Polyester:95%+Spandex:5% 140g/m2
Italy Miti Capraia Polyester:80%+Spandex:20% 190g/m2
Italy Miti pianosa Polyamide:75%+Spandex:25% 165g/m2
Italy Miti Vega black Polyamide:80%+Spandex:20% 210g/m2
Italy Miti Vega white Polyester:83%+Spandex:17% 240g/m2
RENEW PRIME Polyamide:65%+Elastan:35% 200g/m2
Grid Lycra Polyamide:81% +Spandex:19% 190g/m2
Striped Lycra Spandex:14%+Polyester:86% 230g/m2
Fish scale mesh Spandex:10%+Polyester:90% 145g/m2
Free-style cut fabric Spandex:15%+Polyester:85% 200g/m2
Zz-kong mesh Polyamide:83%+Spandex:17% 200g/m2
Mitte Mesh Polyester:78%+Spandex:22% 140g/m2
Oval Mesh 100%Polyester 115g/m2
Diamond Fabric 100% Polyester 150g/m2
Italy Miti Time out 100% Polyester 110g/m2
Persia Fabric 86% Polyester+14% Elastane 110g/m2
Micro-vent fabric 100% Polyester 105g/m2
Italianism prismatic (IT) fabric 100% Polyester 105g/m2
A153 Jonestin Fabric 82% Polyester+18% Elastane 175g/m2
50D Milk Silk Fabric 90% Polyester+10% Elastane 120g/m2
IRI Fabric 100% Polyester /
Hex-mesh 100% Polyester 150g/m2
A109 jacquard fabric 78% Polyester+22% Elastane 140g/m2
Polyester jacquard mesh 90% Polyester+10% Elastane 130g/m2
Shell mesh 90% Polyester+10% Elastane 80-90g/m2
Oval mesh / /
Polyester brushed 87% Polyester+13% Elastane 240g/m2
Italy Miti Stelvio 80% Polyester+20% Elastane 250g/m2
Italy Stelvio Carbon 83% Polyester+16% Elastane +1%Carbon fiber yarn 260g/m2
Milk silk + white grid polar fleece Surface:82% Polyester+18% Elastane
Inner: 100% Polyester
Stripe Milk silk fabric + white grid polar fleece Surface:88% Polyester,12% Elastane
Inner: 86% Polyester,14% Elastane
Milk silk fabric + black prismatic polar fleece Surface:88% Polyester,12% Elastane
Inner: 100% Polyester
Italy Miti Fluorite 81% Polyester+17% Elastane +2%Carbon fiber yarn 180g/m2
Italy Carvico REVOLUTIONAL 80% Polyester+20% Elastane 190g/m2
Polyester + Denser Lycra 80% Polyester+20% Elastane 230-240g/m2
Nylon + Denser Lycra 72% Nylon +28% Elastane 240g/m2
Miti Action W 75% Nylon +25% Elastane 225g/m2