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How to Become Monton Agents

Monton Cycling Agents Around the World

Cycling Agents Around the World

Monton Sports, located in Shenzhen (factory in Guangzhou), has introduced in the most advanced heat transfer machine since 2002. For the past decades, it has been engaged in designing and manufacturing cycling clothing for other brands. In 2010, we created our own brand "MONTON" and registered this trade mark in USA and EU.

Monton means "mountain". Our aim is to keep people out to enjoy low-carbon, comfortable and passionate cycling life. "Rock your life" is our motto.

monton cycling

Big events of Monton

2010- MONTON brand created

2011- Shenzhen branch office established

2012-Taiwan Agent established
- Sponsored a local cycling team in Taiwan

2013- Sponsored Taiwan continental RTS cycling racing team

2014- Sponsored Spain U23 category cycling team CKT UAM - Sponsored Spain U23 category cycling team Monton Triportor-Oncar Team
- Sponsored Taiwan cycling team Nanpao

2015- Monton Triportor-Oncar team has a training with Pro team Movistar
- Sponsored National team Chinese Taipei Team
- Sponsored Taiwan Senter Merida Taiwan Team
- Sponsored 4th KUANTAN 160 century ride in Malaysia
- Sponsored 2015 6th Tour of Poyang Lake in China with 13 National and continental cycling team around the world participating

2016- Sponsored four UCI continental teams
Sponsored S.E.P San Juan in Argentina,TSG in Malaysia, Dukla Banská Bystrica cycling team in Slovakia and RTS-Monton in Taiwan
Exhibited on Euro Bike
Working with Tour of China as the exclusive clothing supplier

2017- Sponsored two UCI continental teams
Sponsored Dukla Banská Bystrica cycling team in Slovakia and RTS-Monton in Taiwan
Exhibited on Seattle Bike Show and Taipei Cycle
The 2nd Monton Taiwan Store opened in Taiwan
8th Anniversary celebrating
Working with Tour of China as the exclusive clothing supplier
Monton Malaysia Fellowship Ride in Malaysia

monton cycling

Agents Requirements

1. Local Shop. Easy for the cyclists to try Monton size, fabric and custom cycling clothing service for team, group or events.

2. Cycling Area Experience. Applicants must have good knowledge of sales concept, more than 2 years experience of selling bikes or bike clothing, spirit of entrepreneurship and desire to be successful

3. Financial ability. Individuals, groups or organizations which can be responsible for their civil liabilities and have corresponding finance strength to stock cycling clothing at least 20,000USD.

4. Accept supervision of MONTON.

5. Cycling agents as a full time job. Becoming a local agents would require a lot of energy and time.

What we do to help agents

1. Sponsor a local cycling team to promote the brand of MONTON
2. Photos and video share of other cycling teams sponsored by Monton
3. Absolute cooperation to help explore the local market
4. Help to find local designer to design local cultural designs

Steps to file an application

1. If you find yourself meet all the requirements and interested in MONTON brand. Please make an applications and provide related materials(including local shop address and contact information, cycling area experience). Contact us at and

2.Company will make comprehensive appraisal on candidates management ability (credit and finance condition, marketing sales experience, available online resources, capability of analyzing the market).

3.Negotiate and pass the audit, sign the Agent's Agreement, issue the certificate of authorization