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Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars. Based on 2031 Reviews

Quality and stylish by Sebastian on 05/24/2019

The Size of the bib Shorts are a little bit to large. The strap at the Thigh is very good. Large enough and prevent the shorts to slip. The wearer over the shoulders are to long. Quality and stylish is very good. Great job! High 193cm, Chest 102cm, Waist 80cm Weight 83kg Asian XL

super cool and stylish by Sebastian on 05/24/2019

Socks as always very good, super cool and stylish and perfect fitting!!

XL a little too big by Sebastian on 05/24/2019

The jersey is definitely larger than last time, so that it doesn't suit. Especially around the belly it is not skinny enough. When I sit on the bike, there are big wrinkles. I think in a number smaller it should be way better. The weight of the material is to heavy. When you sweat, it soaks up with water and weights to much. High 193cm, Chest 102cm, Waist 80cm Weight 83kg Asian XL a little too big for me.

Clothing is exceptional by Samuele on 05/24/2019

Clothing is exceptional, perfect. extraordinary fabric, light, breathable, comfortable. I'd like to have this outfit but customized with the colors of my team.

High quality Jersey, great price by frank on 05/23/2019

I searched the internet for weeks looking for the highest quality jersey I could find. I wanted a jersey that disappeared once you put it on. I wear mostly mid-range Pearl Izumi jerseys. That's a challenge because Pearl Izumi is really good. Price wasn't really a factor. I didn't want any of the popular brands like Rapha, Castelli, or Assos. I actually had just returned a Rapha lightweight jersey because the fit was too loose for my taste. So I searched the web for weeks almost obsessively looking for a jersey that looked of high quality-dynamic fabric mix with panels that formed to the body. I somehow discovered Monton and they offered everything I was looking for. I loved the fabrics page, showing the different kinds of fabrics. I knew then they were a legitimate manufacturer. Judging by the quality of the fabrics and stitching of this jersey, I wouldn't be surprised if they make most of the Rapha apparel in their factory. Long story short. The jersey did not disappoint. It feels so great I wore it around the house the first day I received it. The fabric is very cool, fit close to the body just like I like it. It feels a bit tight standing but in the bike position it disappears, feels like it was sewn in that position. It doesn't flap about the chest when in the bike position. The fabric stretches and snaps back close to the body. The pockets with the water resistant lining is amazing. I don't know of any other jersey with this. I never remember to put my phone in a plastic bag on rides so I always worry about what I would do about my phone if a down pour would occur. The liner pocket looks small but my 5.5" phone fits perfectly. The YKK zipper is standard for any great jersey. Overall, I love the quality and classy design. I would love for Monton to release more solid color jerseys, and also have a temperature range listed for their jerseys. 182cm tall 165 lbs 39 inch chest Size Large(comfortable race fit if you usually wear US medium) 2 weeks shipped to US

Nice jersey by Rodrigo Mancera on 05/04/2019

Super comfortable and seems to be nicely made. This ended up being one of my favorite jerseys!

Cute and fun socks by Lynda W. Stucky on 05/04/2019

I like these Coolmax socks especially for summer riding in my biking shoes. I've ordered several pairs.

Cute socks by Tricia Callahan on 05/04/2019

Love these socks, but they are a little small for my feet.

Feel and fit is great by Greg Block on 05/04/2019

Another great jersey from Monton Sports! I love the material in this jersey, it's super breathable and it fits very well. Perfect length in the back and the middle pocket even has a divider layer to keep your phone or keys away from the sweat and dry. S size (5'7'' 142 lbs).

Cute design, good for riding by Heather R. on 05/04/2019

Bought for the design, good bike socks for riding. is ranked 4.9 out of 5. Based on 2031 user reviews.