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Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars. Based on 1890 Reviews

very comfortable and breathable bibs by Sola Kuwasaki on 02/18/2019

On the bib shorts, I am enjoying the snug compression feel on the bibs and the length is perfect! Once again I am enjoying the small details such as the leg grip and very soft texture of the bib short straps. I also found that the chamois was very comfortable although the front could be possibly a little bit more padded. I am also finding in the heat the bib shorts are very comfortable and breathable. Small size height is 178cm, weight is 64kg, the chest is 88cm, waist is 74cm. 

breathable in the hot summer days by Sola Kuwasaki on 02/18/2019

With regards to the fit and test riding conditions, I am really enjoying the fit which is quite tight on me however it still feels quite moveable. On the jersey, I am really enjoying the arms with the textured stripes which is very breathable in the hot summer days in New Zealand! I also like the sleek design and small details of the jersey such as the rear zip pocket and stretchy grip on the big of the jersey. Small size height is 178cm, weight is 64kg, the chest is 88cm, waist is 74cm. 

Very comfortable by Millie Gal on 02/18/2019

Tried it on temperature around 19 degrees Celsius. Very comfortable. Fits well. Very satisfied. Recommended for summer.

well made sock by E. Arrington on 01/18/2019

Mid weight bottom wears just slightly thicker than regular socks. Very durable, very comfortable and very cool in the summer. Wicks moisture away quickly.

Great socks but expensive by William l. on 01/18/2019

Really good quality...better than I expected. Bottom has cushioning, while top is thin and breathable.

Great speed suit by William l. on 01/18/2019

I love how this suit fits. I ordered two, one for myself and one for my friend. It fits as expected and the material is very good. Excellent value and the chamois is surprisingly comfortable for longer distances.

like the snug fit by Maja T. on 01/14/2019

I really like the snug fit of the shirt, which feels aero but still comfortable. I would have liked if the arms were a little bit longer though. I love the texture on the shirt, it’s discreet but still stands out! The textile dries quickly and breathes well so its perfect for those hotter days - personally I look forward to wearing it when taking on epic climbs in the alps next summer, which I think it will be perfect for! I really appreciate the zipped back pocket for stashing valuables during a ride, the little reflex piping by the zipper and the back pockets, and the broad elastic hem on the arms. Asian M size Height: 161cm Weight: 57kg Chest: 83cm Waist: 72cm.

cute design by Harvey B. on 01/09/2019

It is very cute design! The fit is better than the free size socks. The arch support is working firmly and the fatigue reduction effect of the sole of the foot is expected. There is also a good fit on the ankles and there is no discomfort. With moderate tightening, concentration ability to ride is likely to increase. I feel comfortable so I thought I would like to wear it forever.

Great socks! by Lonnie R Rubis on 01/03/2019

Great socks! They fit comfortably without any slipping and keep feet dry.

Great jersey for the price by Marsha G. on 01/03/2019

Great jersey for the price. Good material and it looks very good. great for cycling. is ranked 4.9 out of 5. Based on 1890 user reviews.