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Why Choose Monton for Your Custom Cycling Apparel?

Monton, established since 2002, specializes in Custom Cycling Apparel design and manufacturing. We started from all brands ODM/OEM service until 2009 our own brand Monton came to birth. All these experience win us the reputation of high quality. If you are still hesitating between Monton and other suppliers, ask yourself if other supplier can offer you these things we supply?

China Manufacturer - China manufacturing is famous around the world due to the low labor cost. What we promise is the same quality with lower price. Cycling apparel is not an area where all products with the same price labeled. The workmanship, fabric and design can all cause great differences.

Local Support - We have sponsored 7 cycling teams around the world. They are mainly in Spain, Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Their feedback have improved our design and service a lot. And we are contacting professional cycling teams around the world. In the near future, you may see the team we sponsor in your country. Then you can contact them for special advice.

Detail Oriented - Would your manufacturer just print your logo as you require or offer you some advice? We would view every custom detail and offer our customers the best suggestions to make sure the logo is in proportion to the cycling jersey size.

Global Support - We have 12 offices around the world. The successful experience of these offices help us to promote our brand and give the best service.

Production Facility - Monton has its own factory and advanced production facilities. If you would like to reorder the custom cycling apparel or accessories you have made in our company, we could give you the exact same products. All the detail like fabric, color and detail design are stocked in our data center.

High Quality - The ink we use for printing comes from Italian. The fabric is all tested and well chosen. Our cycling teams have wearing our cycling apparels win a lot of honors and prizes which you could see at our Sponsored Teams.

Customer Service - Service is the basis of our business. It does not end when you received your products. It would continue as we would be glad to hear your feedback and suggestion about our products to enhance our service.

Internal Consistency - Every order can be produced according to the schedule, and in consistency with the size and color. In fact, every order are done in our own factory.

Flexibility - Whether you are a small team or a big cycling group, you can get your ideas all displayed in your own custom cycling jerseys and shorts.

Reliability - Monton Brand has gained the quality, service and transportation reputation every since its establishment.

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Our Spanish Cycling Team

Monton Spanish Cycling Team