1. Winter Wind White thermal cycling jersey:
119112193 size recommendation: Asian Medium
Height: 161cm
- Weight: 51kg
- Chest: 84cm
- Waist: 60cm
womens thermal cycling jersey

This jersey is very comfortable and soft, which is not something I take for granted with cycling gear. I thoroughly enjoyed cycling in it during a crisp, cold, but sunny and bright autumn day. We had dry, sunny, cold weather this weekend and it's the perfect weather to go for a cycle. I was only wearing an under-layer (not thermal) and the jersey kept me warm while I was moving. It was a bit cold and crisp, but since there was little to no wind, I did get a good workout up the hills (elevation gain for this ride was not much, a total of 700mts). I was worried that I might be getting some sweat stains and they would show up in the pictures, but I was wrong! no sweat stains at all, the jersey looked as crips and sharp after I came back home as it did when I first put it on!

Winter long sleeve thermal cycling jersey

The quality of the garment is very high, I'm very pleased with it. I love how soft it feels, it does not rub against your skin awkwardly at all. I plan on using it with no under-layer and a winter cycling jacket when the weather gets colder because it feels so soft and cozy!

winter thermal cycling jersey

I did have to put on a jacket when we stopped for coffee, which is understandable; once the body temperature drops, you need more layers. But while you're working up the hills and mountains in Wicklow County, this jersey is very breathable and keeps you the 'right amount of warm' while you're riding.

womens thermal cycling jersey

I love the color! I don't have any other white winter jerseys, and I enjoyed how clean and sharp it looked. I prefer muted and neutral colors (dark green, black, grey, white, burgundy, etc), which is sadly not something I often get to wear for a couple of reasons: First of all, most cycling gear (for women in particular) comes in bright neon colors. And second of all, I often have to buy whatever color is left in my size. Smallest sizes sell out fast and it's rare I even get the choice on color, I usually have to settle for whatever is left in XS or S.

womens winter cycling jersey

The fit was very good and true to size according to the sizing information on the website (I got the size Small) and I'm usually an XXS or XS in most cycling gear brands. I particularly loved the sleeve length, which is something that I usually have to struggle with, as most long sleeved cycling jerseys are too long for my arms: the sleeves on this jersey end right where I want them too and allow me to easily check my Apple Watch as they don't cover it.

thermal cycling jersey

The only thing about the fit that I noticed could've been better for me was the jersey length: I felt it could've been 1 or 2 cm shorter, as it came down almost to my hips. It's just a personal preference as a slightly shorter jersey will generate less creasing while riding and moving.

2. Socks: 119160184 119160183
I wore the white pair with the outfit as they looked better. But I've tried both pairs and naturally there's no variation in fit, sizing, or the quality: consistency is important and sometimes you do find small variations between 2 different colors of the same item, but clearly that wasn't the case here.

I loved the socks! they are also very, very soft (noticing a pattern here!) and I loved the anti-slip on the sole. I don't own any other cycling socks with these little things, and I must say I prefer them now. My apartment has wooden floors, so this makes it so much easier to walk around without slipping after you come home from a cycle.

I loved that the details and color contrasts are subtle and fun at the same time.

Very good fit, true to size. Sometimes cycling socks are too big on my (as I am forced to buy the smallest size in the Mens version), but these fit perfectly and the seams hit right where they should.

The materials are soft and comfortable but breathable. My favorite cycling shoes are not super well ventilated, so I appreciate the flexibility of this garment. Granted, on our way back my feet were very cold, but that always happens because it's mostly descending and I was not wearing overshoes.

No chafing, no irritation, no weird rubbing against the ankles or any issues at all.

General Weather Conditions:
- Temperature: Chilly autumn day, with a high of 8C (but it felt like 5C), little to no wind (16kmh); very clear, bright, sunny.
- Location: Wicklow County, Ireland (just outside of Dublin)
-Terrain: Rolling hills