Tragedy in the cycling team SEP San Juan, died Elias Peryera

Sad news, cyclist loss, companion and friend that makes up the family SEP.

So remember you always wanted "Chucky" unconditional warrior, temperamental and above all things good person, QEPD, our deepest condolences to his family.

SEP San Juan Elias Peryera


Tragedy in cycling: ran over and killed, a cyclist SEP
A vehicle rammed the cyclist Elías Pereyra while training in Zonda and killed him on the spot. Laureano Rosas, who was driving with the victim, was saved by a miracle.

A tragic accident enlutó on Wednesday afternoon to San Juan cycling due to the death of Elias Damian Pereyra, one of the cyclists in the SEP SAN JUAN.

According to informed sources, the cyclist pampeano 27, better known as Chucky, trained in Zonda with Laureano Rosas, when a vehicle rammed.

The truth is that the pampeano cyclist was on the floor beside his mangled bicycle, and immediately went t, rasladado to the departmental Health Center, 1 kilometer and a half the tragic scenario. There they tried to resuscitate him, but Pereyra had already died of multiple trauma skull.

SEP San Juan Elias Peryera

His teammate and training on Wednesday afternoon, Laureano Rosas, was saved by a miracle