RTS Monton Racing Team Paolo

RTS-Monton Racing Team made a lot of achievements in the past year, including:
- Winning King of Mountain of 2016 Tour of Qinghai Lake.
- Defeating two world tour teams and other continental teams in 2016 Tour of Hainan, and taking second in team general classification.
- Winning the team championship in 2016 Tour of Taihu Lake.
It is a real top team in Asia!

In 2017, RTS-Monton Racing Team is keeping moving forward and challenging the impossible. Among new riders, Paolo, a young talented sprinter from Italy, will help strengthen the team’s sprint group.

RTS Monton Racing Team Paolo

Paolo is good at sprinting, and got prominent results in 2016. For example, he took second place in the first stage of Tour of China I, second in the Individual Time Trial of Tour of China II; and second place in Tour Eritrea. You can see his high competitiveness.

Paolo wears team jersey and conducts routine training to prepare for 2017 season.

RTS Monton Racing Team Paolo

He said, "My biggest goal for 2017 is to win lots of races and Tour of China, do the best for me and the team! Winning a stage of Tour of Qinghai Lake is one of my goals for this year!"

"Future plan is to became a better rider than I am, much stronger and I hope to ride my bike for many years."

Hope he can make constant breakthroughs and become more and more stronger.