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RTS-Monton Racing Team in Tour of Hainan
As one of the top race in UCI Asian tour, 2016 Tour of Hainan took place in October. Owing the title of Best Asian Team in 2015 Tour of Hainan, RTS-Monton Racing team would take part in this race
without doubt.

On the third stage, fighting hard for more than five hours, Germany rider Tino got the third place competing with World tour teams like Lampre-Merida, Astana Pro team and Team Giant Alpecin.

After three days fierce competing, there came the fourth stage. More than 200KM distance race stage riding for two sequent days, a lot of effort and energy had been consumed by the hot weather in
more than 30 Celsius. RTS-Monton made a goal to make a great performance on the Team Rank.

There came the fifth stage. From the signing board, you could find that a lot of players had withdrawn. Good news is that RTS-Monton has the team complete and passionate. We do believe that the
team would unite to have a great performance at the Queen stage.

It is the sixth stage, the first Queen Stage of Tour of Hainan. 25KM from the finishing point, there comes the most exiting moment. And RTS-Monton team got the 4th, 9th, 13th positions of this
stage which makes our Team in 2nd place for the team rank.

After the great performance of Stage 6, RTS-Monton has exploded into popularity. Team ranks 2nd only after Lanpre-Merida, better than Astana Pro team and Team Giant Alpecin, Poland CCC team and
other famous World Tour teams and Professional Continental Teams. Now the task of the whole team is to keep the second place of the whole team rank.

It is the 8th stage of Tour of Hainan, almost the end of this race. RTS-Monton racing team managed to cross the finishing line in a small group escaping the control of the world tour teams. This
has made DAVIDENOK Ilya the sixth in GC and got the champion in team rank for this stage. We get to the 2nd place in the Best Asian rider. RTS-Monton are closing the gap between them and World

It is the 9th stage of the Tour of Hainan race, the final stage. DAVIDENOK Ilya ranks 2nd only after the Astana rider (the champion of this Tour of Hainan). He gets the honor jersey Blue as the
best Asian rider.

Congratulations to RTS-Monton Racing Team for the third place at Stage 3 of Tour of Hainan (UCI Asia Tour 2.HC) competing with Lampre-Merida, Astana Pro team and Team Giant Alpecin World Tour teams
Monday, October 24 2016
208km Haikou - Chengmai
Tour of Hainan

Tour of Hainan

Tour of Hainan

RTS Monton Continental team would race with their new pink design in Tour of Hainan 2016. Stay tuned!

Tour of Hainan Race Details
Region: Hainan Province, China
Local Name: 环海南岛国际公路自行车赛(Chinese)
Discipline: Road
Competition: UCI Asia Tour 2.HC
2016 Racing Days: 2016/10/22-2016/10/30
Overall Race Distance: 1506.7KM
Start/Finish Point: Wanning Xinglong Criterium, Hainan
Official Website:

The Tour of Hainan 2016 consists of nine stages and is part of the UCI Asia Tour ranging from 10/22 to 10/30. To ensure the quality of the race, the committee have chosen 20 teams among more than
60 team applications. Among the 20 teams, there are 3 UCI World Teams, 7 UCI Professional Continental Teams, 8 UCI Continental Teams, 1 National Team and 1 Regional Team. The teams could be found at


Stage 1
Saturday, October 22 2016
88.3km Wanning Xinglong Criterium

Stage 2
Sunday, October 23 2016
228km Wanning Xinglong - Haikou

Stage 3
Monday, October 24 2016
208km Haikou - Chengmai

Stage 4
Tuesday, October 25 2016
159.4km Chengmai - Danzhou

Stage 5
Wednesday, October 26 2016
184.9km Danzhou - Changjiang

Stage 6
Thursday, October 27 2016
198.1km Changjiang - Wuzhishan

Stage 7
Friday, October 28 2016
126.8km Wuzhishan - Sanya

Stage 8
Saturday, October 29 2016
173km Sanya - Qiongzhong

Stage 9
Sunday, October 30 2016
145.5km Qiongzhong - Wanning

Tour of Hainan Map