Thin fleece lined, optimized to regulate your personal microclimate in the variable conditions of fall and winter.

Monton Fall/Winter 2021

Designed to take you through cooler spring and autumn riding, the jersey has a soft brushed inner and high breathability properties. The brushed inner face could trap air and make it more comfortable against the skin. It is comfortable and will happily keep you warm on its own, anywhere between 10 and 12 Celsius degrees. Topped with a gilet you'll be able to wear it in much lower temperatures too.
thermal cycling jersey
With long sleeves for sun protection, built to breathe, this Lightweight cycling jersey is engineered for riding in hot and humid conditions. Signature premium UltraDeanSilk fabric on front is soft, highly elastic and conforms to your body shape. The technical DeanDot fabric extends across the upper back panel and sleeves, which aids freedom of movement and ventilation. Fan-shaped mesh under the lower back panel promotes airflow allowing for optimum temperature regulation. Italian MARC waistband holds the jersey securely in place.
Lightweight long sleeve jerseys Women's
  • Reinforced 3 back pockets with a bonus zippered security pocket
  • Italian MARC Waist Band
  • Extremely breathable, soft and comfortable
Men's Long Sleeve Jersey
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