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We are Ewa & Constantin, and together we are Velovegano. We recently had the pleasure of testing out a full set of Monton Sports summer kit, and, after a couple of months of riding, here are a few of our honest thoughts.

monton cycling jersey review

Skull Monton Cycling Bib Shorts Review

2021 Skull Monton Mens Cycling Bib Shorts Black
2021 Skull Monton Womens Cycling Bib Shorts Black

The shorts have an eye-catching design, the left thigh decorated with a bomb decal, the right with a more subtle ‘skull x monton’ inscription. Once wearing them, the material has a very nice stretch and fit, with good leg grippers that don’t slip, and straps that are wide and supple enough to be comfortable worn over prolonged periods. The pad looks simple on the surface, but has been very comfortable over our test rides which ranged up to 5-6 hours. It provides good support, and we’ve had no chaffing issues without ever wishing we’d reached for the chamois cream. The pad is showing some slight wear after repeated use and washing, however this has not compromised function. Shorts can make or break a ride, and although we were a little skeptical at first when inspecting the pad, we have been very pleasantly surprised.

monton cycling jersey review

Monton Cycling Jersey Review

2021 Mens Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey Urban Beach
2021 Skull Monton Mens Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey SeasonsChange
2021 Womens Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey Urban Forest
2021 Skull Monton Womens Long Sleeve Cycling Jersey SeasonsChange

We chose 2 different jerseys: each a short sleeve and a long sleeve, we liked the designs from the pictures, and they did not disappoint once we had the fabric in our hands. Bright vibrant colours, with a nice feel. The sizing worked very well for us, the jerseys sitting with a snug racey fit, the pockets at a good height on our backs, very well reachable. We are impressed also with the capacity of the pockets; the openings look a little small, but you can secret away all ride essentials in there comfortably- this is always something important to us: a rain jacket or warmer layer is almost always needed in Ireland, and we like to bring plenty of food..! There is also a small zipped pocket hidden under the right rear pocket, useful for keys, money or a mask in these corona times. We’ve worn them in temperature ranges in the region of 12 to 32 degrees, in pouring rain and scorching sun, and have been very happy both with the degree of windblock in cooler temperatures, and their breathability when the mercury rises.

monton cycling jersey review

Monton Cycling Summer Base Layer Review

Skull Monton Cycling Base Layer Holiday White

The base-layers are sleeveless and light; usable for most days except truly cold ones. Again, the fit is good, and they did exactly what they should; wick and breathe!

monton cycling jersey review

Monton Cycling Socks Review

Skull Monton Blue Cycling Socks Knit Friday
2021 Skull Monton Cycling Socks Knit SeasonsChange
2021 Merino Cycling Socks Suutu Green

There is a wide array of cycling socks to choose from, and we got to sample a few different styles. The Weekday/ Holiday style are available in a range of colours (Wednesday/ Friday/ Holiday), each with a different weekday scrawled across the back. They have a nice light fabric and have maintained their elasticity and colour well so far, however they are probably 1-2cm shorter than we would usually prefer. A feature we have not seen on other cycling socks so far are the rubber gripper dots on the sole, which we found could be slight pressure points when combined with a very stiff carbon soled shoe, but otherwise were mainly only noticeable when walking before you put your shoes on: like being a child again! There was also a knitted sock that matched our seasons change long sleeve jerseys in design, however these were a little thick for our preferences.

monton cycling jersey review

Monton Cycling Gloves Review

What we really liked were all the colour co-ordinated accesorisations: for a wide variety of jersey designs, there are matching buffs, caps, gloves and socks; we especially like the Seasons change range: long sleeve jersey, buff, cap, gloves, as well as the matching set of Forest green jersey, gloves and buff. The gloves have almost no padding which we liked, giving only grip without bulk, and they have survived plenty of gravel rides so far with no issues! However, they did leave our hands a little black on first use, but after washing them once, this didn’t occur again.

monton cycling jersey review

Monton Cycling Buffs Review

  1. - Material gives warmth where required, but is breathable enough when it is hotter
  2. - Pair very well with jerseys; perhaps these could be offered at checkout as a suggestion to match with jerseys

monton cycling jersey review

Overall we really like the colours and designs that we saw on their website, although we would opt for fully black shorts if these were available. We were very pleasantly surprised with the quality and fit of all the garments, and they are an addition to our wardrobes that never hangs unused for long, a big thumbs up!

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Ewa & Constantin

Height: 180cm
Weight: 65kg
Chest: 90cm
Waist: 74cm
Shoe: 42 EU
Snug fit preferred.
SIZE: Jersey Asian S (European XS), Bib shorts Asian M (European S)

Height: 175cm
Weight: 65kg
Chest: 90
Waist: 67cm
Shoe: 42EU
Snug fit preferred.
SIZE: Asian M (European S)