Size recommendation: Jersey, bib shorts (Asian S)
Height: 161cm
- Weight: 51kg
- Chest: 84cm
- Waist: 60cm
Shoe size: 38EU (wear the Shimano RC7 SPD-SL road shoes)

1. The Skull Monton Holiday Jersey (short sleeves): Asian S size

Another new favorite! I love the design of this jersey: it has the perfect combination of "neutral" cycling kit colors with the white but with a little bit of fun with the color stripes across the front. My favorite part is the sleeve design: if you're looking at it from a distance, it just looks white, but as you get closer you can appreciate the little dots printed on them. Even though it's not meant to be quite as aero as the PRO jersey and doesn't have such an aggressive fit, it's still very fitted and comfortable, when you have it on it fits just like the PRO jersey, it's only when you start going really fast that you notice the difference a bit. The material is also very breathable and soft!
white cycling jersey

white bike jersey

womens white cycling jersey

2. PRO Kilen Brown Jersey (short sleeves): Asian S size

I absolutely love this jersey! I love the color, it's so unique: it looks super different depending on the lighting conditions or if you wear an undershirt or not, that makes it a super fun jersey to wear! It's also not a common color at all so you really stand out from the crowd! The fit and quality are also amazing of course - it just looks FAST! It's a great aero jersey, and even though I wore it on a course that has more than 1000mts elevation gain in the first 60km and I didn't get to go super fast all the time(!), the descends definitely confirmed the aero fit of this jersey; it stays super close to you and there's no flapping with the wind at all. At the same time, it's so breathable that somehow kept me cool on the way up the Wicklow Mountains. This is the first time I felt like I actually got the cycling gear just right: not overheating on my way up and not freezing on my way down! I'm super happy with it. LOVE IT!!!
womens cycling clothing

women's bicycle clothing

3. The white mini bib shorts: Asian S size

So comfortable and SOFT! I don't know if the material of these shorts is special, but they feel considerably softer than most of my bib shorts. They're quite short :P (controversy no1) and - of course - white (controversy no2), but for they are PERFECT for the daring people out there who want to be even more comfortable during long summer rides! The fit is absolutely spot on. I've noticed that MontonSports cycling gear is the best fitting brand on me, particularly with the bib shorts: my 2 best fitting bib shorts are my Monton ones. I just wish the Irish Summer lasted longer so I could get more wear out of them! Another reason to get excited for our cycling holidays to Spain once things go back to normal!
white cycling jersey

white cycling bibs

4. The white Skull Monton Holiday Socks: M size

Love my a good pair of socks. Not much to say here, they're just good cycling socks! They're, soft and comfortable, and even though they're a bit big on me, they didn't feel uncomfortable inside my shoes at all.