Gree-Tour of Guangxi 2018 Course Preview

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Gree-Tour of Guangxi 2018 Course

With the end of the Tour de France, the 2018 World Tour Finale – Gree-Tour of Guangxi course has been revealed. The competition basically continued the routes of last year. Except for the route of the second stage. “Qinzhou to Nanning” was changed to “Beihai to Qinzhou”, the rest of the stages continue the route of the start-up year. The race still maintains 3 flat stages and 3 hilly stages.

Although cyclists had to fight for the karst landform in Guangxi in the last three stages, only the fourth stage (Nanning-Nongla scenic Spot) was won by climber WELLENS Tim of Lotto Soudal. And Tim Wellens finally won the first grand champion of "UCI WorldTour - Tour of Guangxi" thanks to his excellent performance. The other five stages were won by the sprinter. The Quick-Step Floors Fernando Gaviria won four of the stages and the other stage was won by Dylan Groenewegen of Team LottoNL-Jumbo. These two sprinting new kings continued to rise after the great conditions in Tour of Guangxi. And they won three stages in this year's Tour de France. At present, they have already withdrawn from the Tour de France. If they do not participate La Vuelta ciclista a España, they are likely to race in Tour of Guangxi again.

Quick-Step Floors Fernando Gaviria won four of the stages at tour of guangxi 2017

This year, Gree-Tour of Guangxi has confirmed that 17 World Tour Racing teams will participate. With the good reputation of the cyclists' social network last year, we believe that this year's event will usher in a better lineup. As the last World Tour of the year, the BMC team that will merge with the Polish CCC team next season will stage a farewell in Gree-Tour of Guangxi. Last year, the BMC team performed well in Guangxi, and their farewell to the war was worth a looking.

In addition to the men's competition, this year's Tour of Guangxi Women's Elite Challenge has been upgraded to become a women's world tour. This year's difficulty has been greatly improved. Most of them have adopted the men's Guilin circle race track. Women's players also need to conquer a level 1 climbing point and a level 2 climbing point. In the women's event with more chances of escape, there might be escaping rider that can reach the end of this year's competition. In terms of the lineup, the women's World Tour will be followed by a stronger and more advanced lineup. As the annual UCI Gala will be held on the evening of the Tour of Guangxi, well-known female cyclists such as Olympic champion Anna van der Breggen will also be able to wear "racing kits" and then wear "evening dress" before joining UCI Gala to participate in the Guangxi Women's World Tour Race.

The final race on the 2018 UCI WorldTour elite men's calendar is the inaugural edition of the Tour of Guangxi, which takes place in China from October 16-21. We preview the six-stage race:

Stage 1 - Beihai Circuit Race - 107.4km

2018 tour of guangxi stage 1
Stage 1 is a circuit race in Beihai, one of the fastest-growing cities in the world. Two mostly flat, long laps at 53.7km each make a total distance of 107.4km as the peloton travels around the city. A strong sea wind and a Guantouling climbing 10.2 km from the finish line may filter some sprinters in the final sprint.

Stage 2 - Beihai > Qinzhou - 145.5km

2018 tour of guangxi stage 2
The starting point of the second stage last year becomes the end line of the stage this year. The game is a sprint battle on the all-flat road. And this stage is quite characteristic of the last two rounds of 18.5 kilometers of laps, and set up two sprint points. Qinzhou fans can experience three times "furious speed" near the finish line. And this setting also tells those who like "casual ride", if you don't pay attention, you may drawn out of the race at this stage.

Stage 3 - Nanning City > Nanning City - 125.4km

2018 tour of guangxi stage 3
This is the last of the three consecutive flat stages. Is there a cyclist who can replicate the miracle of Fernando Gaviria's three consecutive championships?

Stage 4 - Nanning > Nongla - 152.2km

2018 tour of guangxi stage 4
This 152.2 route ends with a short, sharp category-one climb - the only climbing finish line of the race - and is an obvious opportunity for the climbers to win some precious seconds in the general classification. WELLENS Tim attacked at the end of 200m and won the stage and then the GC champion. Will history repeat itself here this year?

Stage 5 - Liuzhou - Guilin - 212.2km

2018 tour of guangxi stage 5
Last year, this stage was hailed as the Queen's stage in Tour of Guangxi. This is the only stage that is more than 200 kilometers long. It is the longest stage in Guangxi. There are two level 3 climbing points, a level 2 climbing point and a level 1 climbing point. However, since the final climb point is 33.6 kilometers from the finish line, the escaping rider was unfortunately chased back by the peloton. This stage finally became a group sprint. The Dutch Dylan Groenewegen of Team LottoNL-Jumbo broke the dominance of Quick-Step Floors Fernando Gaviria and won the stage.

Although the Queen's victory fell into the sprinter's pocket, it still has the potential to rewrite the championship. In order to ensure the position of the lead in the total score, WELLENS Tim, who leads the general classification, also started the "train" in the early sprint. No one will take it lightly in such a stage.

Stage 6 - Guilin - Guilin - 169km

2018 tour of guangxi stage 6
The sixth and final stage is a 168km loop of Guilin, but it is not a simple affair. Similar to the fifth stage, there are two climbs in the sixth stage. Because the climbs is too far away from the finish line, the sprint king Fernando Gaviria sprints to win the final battle, winning 4th to end his 2017 Season. Wang Meiyin once again escaped the peloton and won the most competitive rider in this stage the second time to please the local fans.

“Guilin’s landscape is the best in the world”, and the karst landform in Guilin have also left a deep impression on the cyclist who came from afar. They saw a different China here.

2019 tour of guangxi womens
The Guangxi Women's Road Cycling World Tour is 145 kilometers. The World Women's Elite Challenge of the Guangxi Road Cycling Tour has been upgraded to the Guangxi Women's Road Cycling World Tour this year, and the difficulty of the track has been greatly improved. The race followed the men's race track and the starting point was 23.2 km ahead of the men's track. The two climbing points on the way also made the Guangxi Women's Road Cycling World Tour the only international professional event with a climbing point in China. We also expect women players to ride a classic match here.